Saturday, January 30, 2010

Learning something new

Is my mind crazy or is my brain non-functioning. Perhaps it is my heart that fears to fail. Whatever it is, I learned a long time ago that I need a lot of patience which I certainly had to have in establishing this blog.

Getting set up was like driving my car in a strange town, going the wrong way in the wrong direction on the motorway. With fear and panic rising and with hope and a yearning for success, I took myself off the road. Took a deep breath and said to myself there must be an easier way to learn.

When I was very young, learning was a struggle and my mind still believes that I will fail. So, without too much complaining I persevered and here I am writing to you in spite of all my failures. I can write, I can speak, I can hear and I can see, so that is a start. So for those who are still wondering how to get your own blog, this is what I went through.

First I search google for their blog connection. I found Then I was excited until I realise I did not understand exactly what all the terminology meant. It was like speaking Swiss, when I have no idea what I am saying. Anyway, I checked and double checked and somehow found my way to put in my email address. That was the easy part along with my private supper code...... such a secret that I can never forget it! Ha! So, on to the next thing?

Then I had to set up my profile. What the hell was that? Sounds like I was going to prison. Well, modest me put some simple stuff in and it refused me over and over again until I put everything in. Ah well! So, now I have a connection and ready for my blog. But where was it?

After repeated attempts I finally found that I needed to go into my account and write my blog, but when it was done where was it? Oooooh, frustration!!!! Well, after much ado I found it and many typos, but I published it anyway. But, then how could I correct anything later? More searching and finally I noticed Dashboard. What was it? The way to get to my blog and to correct stuff. Well, now I know, but who was going to read any of what I wrote? How was I going to connect to people on the web and who was going to respond? Well, never fear, my intuition kicked in. "Send it to my friends." But how?

Well a few hours later, after fiddling for some time and getting nowhere. I remembered I had a Gmail list.. and facebook and a connection to Healing International and - wonder of wonders - it worked. So, now I quietly type away hoping that someone is reading this blog.

Is my mind still? No! I am busy thinking all the time about things I can write and how many more blogs I can have. So, I have a long way to go before this mind of mine can rest. Oh, the technical age! Poor old me, born to simple calculus which I have forgotten anyway. Is my mind ready to quit? Not yet, so the journey goes on. Learning is such sweet joy, and yes I now know how to edit my blog. Wow!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Ever since I can remember my brain turns things around. My spelling was always atrocious as my English teacher informed me. My ballet was good, but the trouble was that every time I was told to dance to the left, I went off to the right. It was so debilitating and frustrating. Of course, no one even knew about dyslexia in those days. Well it is in the family gene Grandmother had it, my sister has it and so do her sons and my eldest.

Wat is annoying is that as I get older, my fingers type all the letters of the words in the wrong order and I have to keep going back and spell checking. Well, I finally found out how to do this on this blog. So great! I have corrected them all.

When the mind becomes so confused with images, words and actions, it is easy to sound wrong. Often I would say a sentence and everyone looked at me weirdly. I.e. I have put the vases on the step. What I thought I said was I have put the milk bottles on the step. Years ago, I was sure I knew what I saying, but now that I have slowed down, I see myself using the wrong words a lot, or typing words that look crazy.

The new generation of kids are often like me. They cannot spell well or get jumbled up in their minds. We have to be patient and teach them to use images. When I lose a word, I scan my images until I find it, then the word pops up.

Funnily enough, it never happens when I am teaching with Spirit Guides in my head. That alpha part of my brain works well. All kids today need to learn to use their psychic senses. So, if you do not know much about them, try reading some books.

Grandfather found an eerie grave

My grandpa was also an archaeologist. He told me the story of a grave he and his American partner found. The position of the body was strange and the head had a high forehead. Beside the body were two small fish bowls, about 2-3 inches big. On the finger was a ring which surprised them both. Usually graves were disturbed and robed. In this case, no one had disturbed it. Nor were there any pottery or belonging for the afterlife.

So, they took the two bowls home to my grandfather's place. Within hours, weird and evil things started to happen. The American got seriously ill, the people in my grandparent's house were seeing evil entities and my grandmother awoke in alarm, screaming get those things out of this house. Each bowl was kept apart and given to separate museums. Our family one is in the British Museum in London. The other is in an American museum somewhere.

When I was a very young woman I was taken to see it. As I approached it, I felt cold and had an uncanny feeling as though I was being watched. As I stared at it behind the glass, an attendant come up to me. He said " You don't want to be here at night with that thing. It is evil." I asked him what he meant. "Oh, strange things happen, like lights going off and sounds of moaning." I asked him if he ever saw anything strange. He assured me he did not stay around to look.
Well, it is still in the museum and though worth a fortune and still belonging to my family, no one wants it. The same can be said of the American one. So what would happen if they were put together again? Well we will never know.

But what of the ring? Well my grandfather had it tested to see what it was made of. It was not made of earthly metal. A safety pin was placed through it by him to stop its power. Finally when he died, it was given to my father. It was then that I was able to touch it. I saw faces of aliens. People running and scarred. As I held it, It felt powerful. Immediately my Spirit Guides poured energy into me and the ring. Now it has no power, but it still smells weird. I have it in my house and it still has a safety pin through it. So,who were those people I saw running and what were they running from. Who was that evil person in the grave and what did they do with those two small glass bowls? I guess I will never know.
BTW, I am reading Zecharia Sitchen's The End of Days. In that he explains that the Enlilites were from another planet and who let off a nuclear bomb that wiped out Sumer and surrounding towns. Could this ring be from those times?

Bangs in the night

When I was little, there were many bangs. Some outside the apartment, some bombs, some people yelling and screaming, sirens etc. But the worse of all was those strange little clicks and taps in my room. I often spent the night cringing under the covers or putting on the light to check for the snakes and nasty men under my bed or in my closet. Because there were so many Earthbound Spirits killed by bombs, they all seemed to gather in my room at night. Boy were they scary with bandages etc. When I told my mum, she simply told me I had a vivid imagination. But, who else was really there?
Well years later, when I was able to self-hypnotise my memory back in time, I could see who was there. Besides all those Lost Souls I had rescued, Archangel Haniel, Sister Theresa, Jesus and Samuel were there busily talking to these lost entities and taking them to Heaven. I realized then that I had been doing rescue work since my birth.
Now to date with Haiti and all the wars going on, we Light Workers are all doing rescue work in our sleep. Yes, we are tired during the day; yes, we feel we did not sleep well and were awake all night! Do not fret, it will not go on forever. By 2013 most of those who die in ugly ways will have gone. SO, you will be able to rest then.
The Piscean Age was about war and competition. This Aquarian Age is about change and sharing. So, we are all on a whole new track. Learning is highly important. So go back to school and do something different in preparation for your future. Study Psychic Development, psychology and counseling. Let you mind be focused and not scattered and full of fear and anxiety about the world. Do a blog, write you ideas, communicate and share your views. Someone out there needs to hear what you have to say.
My Father always tells us everything he remembers. The old folks have interesting lives. Listen to them! Some of the old ways are still good, such as grandma special herb tea for flu!

Tweets -

Tweets - "'" It takes a lot of blow to make a sound and then keep going. My son's father-in-law showed him how and he can do it too. Me no sound!

Great-Grandma's influence

Well, she was a grand lady and one that apparently caused everyone to quake in their boots whenever she was around. Though I was only about 6 years old, I remember her sitting in the kitchen wearing a large hat and a fur fox wrap around her neck. She was tall and slender and very commanding.

When I ran into the room, she immediately stared at me commanding a silent message "Stop." I was in some way overcome with fear. She was indeed overpowering. Her belief was that "Children should be seen and not heard." Since I was a chatty child, I began to enquire as to who she was. She glared at me and then ignored me. My grandmother was looking apologetic. This great-grandmother was of the old Victorian school. She had dined at the Palace and was not about to let her high society self fall from grace.

While my grandmother was peeling potatoes that she had boiled in the skins. (Something I was to see her do many times and later asked her why, to which she replied "I watched my cook in India do it.") This opposing mother-in-law demanded to know why she did not have a servant. My grandmother told her they could no afford it, to which this great lady retorted "Awful." Though I did not know about servants or India, I did understand the lack of money. I immediately knew enough to know that I did not like this woman and her awful ways. I was never to see her again as she died soon after I met her. I can honestly say, I had no feelings for her, and perhaps nor did my elders.

But, I learned something from her. By her mere presence I recognised power and the need to believe in myself even if no one else agreed with me. Yes, I inherited her drive as did my grandfather. I have never given up on any of my dreams, in spite of or despite circumstances and people.

World War II had caused an issue with money for my parents in those days. I remember that I was given a walky-talky doll for Christmas. (It shut its eyes and said Mama when I tipped if forward). It was the latest model, big and had some kind of china legs and arms. As I carried it upstairs, I banged it on the concrete step and the leg broke off. I was so upset. I had broken an expensive toy; one that my parents had saved for so that Father Christmas could bring it.
Actually, my father misunderstood my grief. He thought I was crying because it was broken and mended it with a large plaster that he bound round and round the leg for me, informing me that she was like my mother now, who had crippled feet, but was still perfect. Another lesson in awareness dawned on me. People had no idea what I was thinking and people could get better, just like my doll.

The combination of these two events led me to believe that the world was full of suffering and that no matter what class you came from, no one was listening to anyone. My grandparents had their thoughts, my parents theirs and mine were quite different. So, what was life about? This simple idea set me on a pathway of discovery to know people in both past and present times. Even today, I still seek insights into what makes people tick!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mind Over Matter

So following his discovery of the Indian Rope trick, which turned out to not be a trick but a way using psychonetics as he called it, Mind over Matter, My Grandfather`s idea was that we all have every trace of mineral that the earth has in our bodies and were pulled into the natural magnetic flow of the earth, and so he said that if we think of gold and dowse, then we can find gold. He did in fact find many mines in India this way.

On one occasion a gold cup was hidden in the Chiltern Hills in England as a dowsing competition. Everyone said he should do it, but he refused. Well to cut a long story short, the info on exactly were it was was lost and no one could find it - so they paid him to do so and he did it in three days. The Chilterns are full of hundreds of caves. It is dangerous to go inside if you do not know your way around, and so he had to mark every turn. Everyone was amazed when he found it. He was honored by the Dowsing Assoc. of GB and given a silver large bowl. My dad gave it back to them as a memento of him.

So, what did I get out of it? I used his idea in healing and look for all the metals and energies of the 5 bodies that make up our whole person. Now today, I often think of him and thank him in my mind for opening me up to such a concept. Today, people take this understanding for granted, but when he was young, it was considered way out on a limb. And even with my Crystal Acupuncture & Teragram Therapy, people still wonder how it works, even though I explain it.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Does a rope really defy gravity?

Well according to my Grandpa, it does in India. When he first saw this, he thought it was a trick, so he decided to check it out. In those days there was only metal wires. Of course, he looked for those. There was no nylon thread and so he looked for cotton. He could find no attachments to the rope. Then he looked inside the rope for some kind of spring that would send the rope up slowly. Nothing! Finally he gave up and asked the piper how the trick was done. The native told him it was not a trick, but a state of mind.

Now he wondered, was he hypnotised to believe the rope was rising while the sound of the mellow piper played. So, he asked the piper to not play. The man refused insisting it was his way of focusing on making the rope rise. So, now Grandpa studies the pipe. Nothing there. Finally, he asked how do you do it? The man replied `It is a state of mind. Many years to practice and master this technique.

Well, that set my Grandfather to thinking about his own state of mind. So, everywhere he went he was always checking his thoughts and thinking outside of the box. By the time I was old enough to hear this story, I got the message too. I have been thinking outside the box in all my paranormal activities. I want answers. To accept that something is just as it is worries me. So, if I get sick, I have to check all the usual answers and then beneath, over and around them to find the cause. I have been doing that this weekend.

Monday, January 25, 2010

The aliens are here?

My grandfather was also a pioneer in exploring unusual events. One of which was the mysterious landing of a space ship. I was about eleven or twelve when my sister and I went to stay with our grandparents. A telephone call came, and immediately he insisted I went out with him. My sister was too young. We drove in Sussex for about 1 hour and came to a field. He was highly excited. He told me how there was burned grass and weird smells in this area. I could indeed smell unfamiliar fumes. We walked a mile or so and came to the place. Sure enough, there were burned trails (3 of them) very long extending out from the burned circular center in approx 200 ft. lengths His theory was that a space ship had landed here, burning the land on it decent while landing on its three fins, it had burned the center and the ground under the fins to a dark black than had penetrated the earth to a depth of two feet or so. We searched for a long time, while he measured and double checked his measurements. He assured me they were exactly/precisely symmetrical and equal in every way. Two men came to meet us then. They were official people who were also checking the site. I was not allowed to listen to their conversation.

While all this was going on, I had my own ideas. It seemed to me that a space ship looking like a fish had landed, and then taken off - years later when I say the rocket to the moon, I felt it was just like the one I had seen in my head. So, who came here first!

The interesting end of this story is that my Grandfather took me back to that same place several years later and he showed me how nothing had ever grown where the land had been burned. You could still see the shape clearly and he told me that the land had been tested and strange and unusual chemicals had been found in the soil which no-one knew about! So, was it our future, coming back in time with a space rocket or someone from somewhere else. Well, I guess I will never know. At that time it seemed impossible to build a rocket, let alone see one. Now look how often we send space-ships up!!

Grandfather`s legacy

Major Charles Aubrey Pogson Sn., was a most interesting man. When I was about seven he took me out into a large field, placed his water divining T shaped piece of metal in my hands and ordered me to pace around with the point up looking for water. Since I have no idea what I was doing, I did as I was told. Not long after walking, the point turned down. I stopped to ask him why and saw his excited face smiling away at me, while he went on and on about I have the gift too. But, what was the gift? Finally, he explained to me that everyone can attune to the earth. I had found a water pipe under the earth, which he had known was there. He had me search for several things in the field, including pots. Yes, I found some broken ones too. this field had been a burial site from ancient times and he had tested me that day.

Well, since then I have learned to dowse the human body and find the flaws, illnesses and ways the human body works. We all have a magnetic polarity with the earth and have within us the ability to attune to what is under the earth as well as within ourselves. Divining is an interesting hobby and a wonderful healing tool too. If you go to the countryside, have a go!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My mental inheritance

My father is 94 this year. When I think about his life and the way he has had to adapt throughout the past century, I am astonished at how much he has seen. Last time I was with him he was talking about his entry into this world. My grandmother in her 6th month and was riding home in a small open carriage in India (Rickshaw) when a small lizard dropped out of the trees right down her dress into her bosoms and as a result of her panic she went into early labor.
My father was the smallest baby known to survive at 2 lbs. Everyone said it was a miracle. Well, I guess one thing led to another. By the time he was at his birth weight he had a wet-nurse in India. (it was the custom) and she was called an Aiya (not sure how to spell that). Anyway, she saw he had a ring of tiny pink spots around his shoulder and on down to his hip which was on the diagonal. It was and is still visible to me. He was then pronounced to be highly lucky and spiritually protected!

Well, he survived World War II with two events that wounded him, including shrapnel in his head. When he woke up on that occasion, the priest was saying the last rights - blessing his soul and his journey to heaven. But, that did not hold him back from living life to the best of his ability. Now the years have passed and he is still 100% aware and active. So, he is my model and a very interesting man. The one thing I inherited from him was his active mind. It goes on and on....

Perhaps it is a gene or a DNA strand that causes me to wonder at his life and my own. My grandfather was also a very unusual man. He was an officer in the Indian Army for Britain and also a water diviner, as well as a Magistrate. He found many wells for both the army and local villages. His ideas about the mysterious and strange were often told me when I was young. No wonder I became interested in the paranormal.

It is my intention on this blog, to share some of my unusual history with the influence of these two men and the strange things that have happened to me throughout my life. So, if you like weird, or out on a limb stuff, perhaps you will write to me and let me know if you like what I write.