Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Are you Tech Savvy?

I am not; and thanks to friends, I am learning what to do. Join Kevin McDonald & Beverly Taylor  who will help you move on and get the right kinds of clients for your business.
They are super nice people and very easy to get along with. Here is their link:

Let me know if you need my help to. Go to  Watch out for my seminars on each of these subjects to help you improve your life and move on. Subscribe to my videos too:
Dr Margaret

Friday, September 18, 2015

Where in the World are we going to end up?

Some people have told me they see themselves are falling apart, while others say they see themselves wildly successful! No matter what your opinion, you will be carried along in the streams of time and events that will undoubtedly change your life.Whatever occurs you will be able to adapt if you see that things are leading you down the right path. If you resist, you will be over-come with pain and suffering.

Make a choice to go with the flow! If you have a skill, make sure you update it regularly. If you have walked away from a relationship, assess it, learn from it and then cut the Etheric Ribbons that have bonded you together. If you don't, they will draw/suck your energy even after years have gone by. If you don't know how, ask me or go to my radio show and search Cutting The Etheric Ribbons.

If a loved one has passed over, then get closure. Think about all the things you did with them and what you have become as a result of them, their ways and means etc. If you have left a job, morn the loss of those work colleagues since you may never see them again. Move on and embrace new friends.

If you have no money and feel a failure, stop and think why you tell yourself you are useless. That is a lie. Look at all the things you have mastered since you were born. You can sit, stand, walk, talk and do stuff. Turn that stuff into talents and skills and make your way with your head held high. Believe and trust in yourself, your psyche and your talents will manifest as you go.

If you are in pain then you have taken on the pains of the world. Your empathy and sympathy with family, friends and evens strangers has caused you to suffer. Cleanse yourself and free yourself from clinging to old ideas and emotions. The the pain will be gone.

Lastly, remember you are what you think and many of those thoughts are negative. So sing, laugh dance and transform your opinions which are 90% out of date, since your learned those thoughts years ago. Modernize and behave as though you have just arrived here on Earth.

The many eclipses that have occurred and will continue to occur are forcing us all to change. Don't cry over the past. Move on! If you need my help go to or write to me

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

You Are Psychic & need to teach your kids too!

Teach your children to use their psychic senses and avoid all the troubles they go through. Teach them to trust their instincts and make the right choices in life.

Construction versus Destruction

Change and adapt is the main focus now; Allow yourself to see the highs and lows of life and embrace them while preparing for the next rise to come.