Friday, February 25, 2011

Crystal Therapies with Dr Margaret Rogers Van Coops

Monday, February 7, 2011

Fantasy or Illusion

Since early childhood you have had an imagination and it has directed you towards your goals. But, how many of those imaginings are really only fantasy, full of later illusions that caused you to become depressed and emotionally miserable.

Did you think Prince Charming was coming and imagined what he would look like and how he would behave? Did you marry and expect to live happily ever after to find out later that he was just ordinary Joe who was just as insecure as you? Did your little dream seem to be dashed on the rocks of self-destruction?

Well, now is the time to fix all that. Erase your fantasies of what might be or could have been and start looking at the people you know with a new concept. Your mind should be saying "Who is this person I have been living with for so long?" Then step outside of your emotional self and look at them as though you had just met them. What would you observe?

What you see will be your truth for today. Those people who seem inconsequential may prove to be vital to your life and your lessons, while others you thought to be so important, actually seem to be holding you back from discovering yourself and your future.

Relationships have been breaking up or transforming over the past year. Now it is time to find your emotional and mental balance and to move forward in small steps, but to become aware of your actions and be responsible for them.

Learn to live in the moment and to have your five senses fully operational as you meet the challenges of everyday living. No one will rescue you. you must rescue yourself from your old fantasies and illusions. Cast of that history and start a new beginning.

Daily count your blessings and love those who remain in your life or new friends who dare to walk your pathway and share in your activities and happenings. Blessings and love are joys that we should all learn to appreciated in the smallest of things.