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Help is availabe: Just ask!

Over the years, I have come across so many people who suffer alone and cannot find a way to speak up and ask for help. It is also amazing that I have found these people to be surrounded by family and friends who have no clue about their lonely partner/friend/family member. It seems to be that they generally think that person is ok and so leave them alone.

Well, it is time to ask them what they need? Even if they say nothing; know they need something? Everyone is in need at sometime in their life and asking for help is a way for each of us to connect and understand a little bit more about ourselves and the world in which we live.

Right now, our world is in chaos and, now more then ever, we need to help one another. Just offer your helping hand: It could be to do a bit of weed pulling or simply to fetch some groceries. For younger members of our society, it might be to give a session mentoring them. Perhaps it just might be giving an hour to a busy mum who can go have her nails done while you babysit.

If you are one of the lonely, who have no friends or family, then I can be there for you. Yes, though far away, even a letter is a way of helping you. Just write and we can chat. Some people like to know why they keep themselves so isolated. I can help you to open that door and reach out to society. Just contact me: or call 928 453 7974.

My husband and I are spend a lot of time counseling and supporting those in need. Don't be afraid to ask! Ask! Just like Jesus and other great sages told you.

You & Kandoo

Over 17 years ago I helped my friend with her twins. One was autistic and the other brilliant, but nervous etc. As a result of helping her children to overcome a lot of problems, I made a recording of You & Kandoo.

So what is it about? Basically, our infant to five year old child self is still active. Every time we do something, our brain searches back to those days to find out what we believe and whether or not we want to act upon what we believe. Those of us who procrastinate are controlled by this infant self still. While over-active people are influenced to run wild in the hope of finding comfort. So which category do you fit into?

Kandoo is a fairy, who has the abilility to take you back in time to your early childhood and remember the things you can do and to trust yourself as a result. It helps anyone of any age. Young children suddenly start to learn easier, parents find they can manage better and the elder suddenly find new joy in their activities:

True short story:
An Austic child can now focus his eyes, draw and speak well.
Older child went from a C grade to A grade
Mother was calmer and better able to handle the children
Father became more focused and created an on-line sucessful business
Grandma stopped complaining and started needle projects
Grandpa cried when he listened and found gardening
The whole family was much happier

One CD listened to every night for one week affected the whole family in very positive ways: Why did they listen in the first place? Because they were all in the room watching the austic child listening as he fell into hypnostic asleep. You do not have to be a genius to become smarter.

Since those days, I have made this CD available: or contact me at for your copy. It has two tracts: one for boys and one for girls.

It really works!
Dr Margaret

Journey Into An Unknown World

Some of you may know that six months ago, I started my own 1/2 hr radio show on I called it Journey Into An Unknown World after the title of my book The Way To Oneness that was sold in Germany for over 12 years under the title Reise in Unbekannte Welten published by Bauer Verlag. Unfortunately they are no longer existing. This book was one of the first metaphysical books to go into East Berlin after the wall came down and I had several compliments about it.

Now after all these years I am rewriting the new English version and hope to have the new version published by September this year. In the meantime, I am putting all my experience into my radio show. Since I have so many followers each week: around 4500 listening to current and past shows, I would like to acknowledge this support. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Please tell others who might like to listen.

Recently I did a show on Problematic Psychic Children. So many of our little ones are in need of help now. They suffer and are mis-diagnosed by the medical doctors. Whether your child is autistic, has Aspergers, Tretts or other, be aware that their brain can work more efficiently.
More to come on that on my next blog.

Some of my other shows are: Behavioral consequences; What If?;Flakes & Fakes; Crystal Acupucnture: Control Issues: Obesity: Alien Encounter; 3 M's?; Life is Beautiful; Heros, Star, Indigo, Crystal & Liquid Crystal Children; Terror and still more to come..

Hope you spread the news about this blog.

Our Poor Brains

I think it is time that people realised that the moment we put pharmaceutical drugs in our body we are upsetting the the very delicate balance of life. Our bodies are extremely amazing and intricate biological metaphysical energy workers. If we upset the balance, then wham! we are ill.

Nature gave us natural things to take and our ancester survived very well on those.
Science has gone too far and the AMA has stretched the rules to cover the prescribing of medications that all have terrible side effects. Even the advertising tells us so! Yet we still take them from fear of being worse. Guess what we get worse!

Of course, our body is affected days, weeks, months even years later after taking these prescribed meds. The best thing anyone can do is stop taking over the counter meds and go with natural herbs etc. Yes, they take longer to have an effect, but then the human body needs time to recover. If we eat healthily, we can soon recover from viruses or bacteria.

Until we stop rushing around, getting upset over trivial things and really believing that lifestyles are important, we will not allow ourselves to rest and recover. The brain is the giant computer that monitors the entire body throughout the nervous system. If you damage a nerve, then the brain has a hard time fixing it; If you add poisons (meds that are not natural) then the brain is under greater pressure. It is not long before all the glands in the body are out of sinc with one another and then cancer and other serious illnesses manifest.

Perhaps one day, people will start to listen to us few who work with alternative medicine and therapies etc. Then we can put all that money spent on producing pharmaceutical stuff into health and education. Of course, there are some good meds made, but very few get to use them.

Well, I got on my box and shouted again. Is anyone listening?
Dr Margaret

Monday, February 7, 2011

Fantasy or Illusion

Since early childhood you have had an imagination and it has directed you towards your goals. But, how many of those imaginings are really only fantasy, full of later illusions that caused you to become depressed and emotionally miserable.

Did you think Prince Charming was coming and imagined what he would look like and how he would behave? Did you marry and expect to live happily ever after to find out later that he was just ordinary Joe who was just as insecure as you? Did your little dream seem to be dashed on the rocks of self-destruction?

Well, now is the time to fix all that. Erase your fantasies of what might be or could have been and start looking at the people you know with a new concept. Your mind should be saying "Who is this person I have been living with for so long?" Then step outside of your emotional self and look at them as though you had just met them. What would you observe?

What you see will be your truth for today. Those people who seem inconsequential may prove to be vital to your life and your lessons, while others you thought to be so important, actually seem to be holding you back from discovering yourself and your future.

Relationships have been breaking up or transforming over the past year. Now it is time to find your emotional and mental balance and to move forward in small steps, but to become aware of your actions and be responsible for them.

Learn to live in the moment and to have your five senses fully operational as you meet the challenges of everyday living. No one will rescue you. you must rescue yourself from your old fantasies and illusions. Cast of that history and start a new beginning.

Daily count your blessings and love those who remain in your life or new friends who dare to walk your pathway and share in your activities and happenings. Blessings and love are joys that we should all learn to appreciated in the smallest of things.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011: Good or Bad?

Have you had any visions or mental ideas about this year? 2011 in numerology adds up to 4 and that is a building number which causes us to feel locked in and limited in many ways, but the good news is that we can only move upwards. That means we can rise to an overview and see more about ourselves and the world we live in.

Perhaps you have begun to realize that your life is important to you and that things seem to weigh you down. Or, maybe relationships have got stale and you are ready to move on. Whatever, you are going through, you are not alone. Even the most aware people, including myself are being affected by the Earth's wobble and our Universal flux and flow of our outer planets. So, whether we like it or not things are about to happen. Some of those things will be wierd, while other events will be tragic, but through it all we will all grow stronger. Here is some of the things I have seen happening and will happen:

Everyone who knows me, has become aware of my talents as a medium, gifted with vision and subsequently have been accurate thoughout the passing years. The only thing I sometimes find difficult to place is timing. In 1985 while on top of the Twin Towers, I freaked out because I knew they were going to fall straight down as they collapsed. I have seen the wars in the Middle East and the troubles in Korea, the Berlin wall coming down, the financial rise of China and India and so much more. But, this year seems to be clearer than anything else at this time.

I have seen this year as a catalyst. So many things will happen. As I write we have all seen the birds and fish suddenly dying. Well, there is more to happen. Animals will wander from their normal annual migration. Land will shake and electro-magnetic impulses will disrupt us all. Gases will be ejected from the bowels of the Earth and earthquakes will happen frequently. The earth is groaning just like you.

You can expect headaches, unstable emotions and tempers to rise. Unexpected terrorist and unbalanced acts will occur around the world. The outer planets are causing a rift in energy that affects everyone; feel dizzy, strange brain sensations and physical nausea are possible. Others may get flu like symptoms and allergies where none were experienced before. The solar winds are causing energy shifts in our outer hemisphere and that will hit you and everyone else over the head as the sun sends out solar flares more and more.

The Earth is shifting and Mother Nature will take over with physical earth, fire, wind and water. We can expect more floods from the ocean; rain that never seems to end; fires that rage out of control and storms that destroy. So what can you do to protect yourself? Simply learn to listen to your instincts just the way all wild animals do. Watch your pets. If they start to act strangely, you know something is up.

With regard to relationships. Many will end in a variety of unexpected ways, but ultimately this change is absolutely for the better. People will shift jobs and move to new addresses. Some will feel as though they are out of control; being shuffled about as though God had them in his hands like a giant pack of cards; but in the long run, this will be perfect for beginning 2012 and of the things to come.

So, what is good? We will rebuild our cities; there will be more work as the year comes to an end. Our finacial values will change for the better as money markets revalue the $ and other monies. Various governments around the world will band together in efforts to improve standards, trade and to end wars. Third World countries will begin to set new standards for their nations.

Oil will no longer be a crises. There is enough to go around. Technology will take a giant leap by mid year. We will truly step into The Aquarian age with communication devices that will be here to stay. Long distance travel for many will lesson as more and more people stay home to rebuild their lives and to establish common goals within their locale.

More attention will be given to the power of the Spirit self and prayer. Metaphysical studies will become exceedingly popular as the window of the mind opens. Food will be scarce in some places, but welfare will step up from every country to help in various cases. The emphasis in on unity and that is what we will learn this year. In the long run, when we lose we actually gain more. People will congregate in large numbers for peace. Religions of the world will face transformation. Health issues will favor alternative solutions. Farming will become a new issue and subsequently will develop new ways of supply and demand.

The creative aspect of human nature will be stimulated by need and hope for a better world to live in. The young will establish themselves in their society as leaders while the elder generations will step down. The Liquid Crystal Children are ready to show off their talents, while The Crystal Children will be ready to learn discipline. The Indigo Children will show their outstanding talents as psychic awareness. But, most important is the Hero and Star children who are builders of a new world with new ideas. Just watch them grow and change our ideas year by year.

Various celebraties as well as some unknown people will come into highlight throughout this year. What they do and what they do not do will be the topics of discussion and debate, but in the long run it is the people who choose thier fate or destiny.