Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Your brain is a busy place!

Think about the rush hour, all those people pushing and shoving to get to their destinations quickly, yet no matter how much they push to hurry, they still seem to arrive on time or at the appropriate moment.

Such is the way of your brain. Though you may say it is slow, trust me when I say, it is moving faster than the speed of light, managing all the cross-roads along the way, and obviously getting you what you need immediately your conscious mind seeks an insight.

Did you ever stop to think how you know what to do physically before you actually do it? Yes, your brain is way ahead on movement. So, even though you think about getting up from the sofa and then doing it, you already did it long before that move became conscious.

If you argue with a friend or family member, all those issues that you bring up have been hanging around in your subconscious, just waiting for you to download them into your conscious mind. The problem is that you are over-whelmed with too much info and get lost in an argument that often has no real value or successful settlements.

Try listening to you intuition; deep-subconscious and get the truth. It comes up in inspirational moments when you are calm and able to hear your true thoughts! In other words, you hear the wisdom of the ages in you that has been stored in the primordial brain that you never think about. Somewhere in history you learned to sit, stand etc. as well as to be the only being on this Earth that can talk; if you are not a parrot!