Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Every moment is precious

When I was young, carefree and innocent, I explored everything I could. As I got older I was conditioned by my peers and elders to be cautious. Suddenly, my mind was filled with suspicion and doubt. By the time I was sixteen I had become completely conditioned to believe that this world was a very scary place and that there was nothing that was completely safe. There were no precious moments anymore!

Consequently, I spent the next thirty years in fear. Then suddenly, all those negative things that had happened to me seemed to transform into a new understanding. I found out that what appeared to be scary was in fact a lesson in growing up. Yes, at the grand age of 46, I finally became an adult.

So, what was my idea of an adult? Someone who was capable, responsible and ready to stand alone. But, since I had no idea what standing alone meant to me, I spent the next 20 years finding out. Now, I know!

It means being like I was as a young child, but with a difference. Now my mind is just as curious, in fact, perhaps much more so. Learning is easy, once I find I am interested in discovering something. I learn what I feel about those things and slowly, perhaps in different ways, I experiment. Little by little, I now know I am a genious in my own way. It does not matter anymore what others think that is, or how I show and tell what I know. All that matters to me is that I know.

Now comes the big lesson! Being able to be myself, explore and not be influenced by any demands, expectations or hopes that I may create. Self discipline means doing things at the right time, in the right way to please myself. Daily, I find a new way to do that. So, inspite of others, I get along fine.

One problems still remains: how to fit my personal schedule into the ways of the world! Perhaps some may call me selfish, but I like to call it spiritually aware and in touch with the divine source that is in all of us. So, if someone needs me, I know that and I am there for them. Others, well they may ask, but I know they can cope without me. So, I bless them and let them go.

Perhaps you life is filled with people demanding you be what they want you to be. Take time to find yourself! Have some precious moments now! Tomorrow is too late!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I can, but I can't!

What a dilemna to be able to say both yes and no at the same time! The conscious mind is a liar and a cheat! I said that over 35 years ago and it stil holds true. By the time you have had an idea, thought about it, rationalized how your original idea can be brought into form, you have easily advised yourself to not follow through, or you have gingerly told yourself to do it with great caution.

So, who taught you to listen to your conscious mind? Was it mum? Dad? A teacher or friend in school? Whoever it was, I am sure you never thought just how much you had allowed them to influence you to believe what you now think to be your own ideas.

Actually, nothing we have learned in our lives is completely and utterly our own idea. When we are born we have no knowledge of words or how to phrase things in certain ways to have a profound affect on us. It is simply our emotional response to others that causes us to believe what we hear. So, what did you hear all those years ago and what do you still cling to that is controlling you and preventing you from adapting, changing and growing?

Your deep-subconscious mind is your personal Spirit Mind that originally informed you in sensations that you have arrived in a body. It was this part of yourself that taught you to listen, feel, hear and see. So why not listen to the wisest part of yourself that is still struggling to break through your conscious mind. All it takes is listening to those five senses and following your feelings just like you did when you were born!

To touch, enjoy every sensation is to learn and learning is simply a way of spiritually growing. This is a time of change and maybe you need to get a new career, break away from old family traditions and seek new horizons, even if it is only in the next street.

Your old mental photos are just that - old moments that no longer are important! Get your mental camera out and take some new shots of what is around you.