Monday, April 12, 2010

What You Think Is Not Necessarily What Others Think!

Over the years, I have on many occasions, assumed that what I am thinking and talking about was being fully seen and understood by the person I was talking too. Since they were nodding their head in agreement and saying "I know what you mean!" Or, "I understand!" I felt confident that anything we were talking about would be exactly understood and if necessary that person would follow through on directions, promises and statements.

Wrong! Actually, an agreement made is only a perception in the moment. What may seem wonderful one second, may well turn out to be a bad idea later for any two people chatting away.
I often heard people offering to help me do my work. I accepted their offer gracefully and gratefully, but when I called to ask for help, there was none. They had decided to do something else. What a let down!! Not to them!

Of course, our lives change with every single influence that crosses our mind. Since our minds are very adaptable and free-flowing with loads of ideas, it is small wonder that we forget our promises or regret them later when too much is happening.

The saying that "The Road To Heaven Is Paved With Good Intentions," is certainly true, not just for others, but for ourselves too. I have made it a title sentence to outline the importance of realizing that what we say is not necessarily true for our mind. So before you make a promise or an offer, think everything through over the next twenty-four hours.

What we see in our minds is a load of pictures during our conversations; those pictures will change over the coming night as you dream and dump many of the things you talked about. However, some good images do get through, and those drive you on towards positive actions.

Clarity of mind is clarity of vision. Understanding comes as you do things.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Do You Know Your Baby's Spirit?

The Aquarian Age is finally truly started as of the ending of the Piscean Age on 9-9-2007. Now here we are dealing with a new outlook on life. Our Minds are adapting rapidly to all the new technology and ways of communicating.

Born into this Age are the Hero, Star, Indigo, Crystal, and Liquid Crystal Children who are about to prove themselves ready and able in showing us old Pisceans a new way to look at life. Our old ideas and attitudes won't work with them. We were under the influence of Archangel Michael. These new kids are influenced by Archangel Haniel. So, heads up mums! You need a different attitude and ways to have a different point of view when connecting with your child.

In my new book: Discover Your Baby's Spirit, I write about how the spirit of each child must bond with the spirit of the mother before conception, then how this bonding becomes actual during pregnancy, the birth and subsequent years of growth. Plenty of advice is given on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Every mother has to find her own way to work with her child to bring out the best in him/her. It was my intention to help existing moms, and mothers-to-be to do the right thing by their child and for themselves.

If you know someone who wants to have or is having a baby, then please let them know about this book. Discover Your Baby's Spirit - A Mothers Guide is on sale from the publishers It is offered in hard, soft and e-book format. It will be on soon too!