Monday, December 16, 2013

What are you prepared for?

Your child may tell you things you think strange or absolute rubbish this year. But, do not turn a deaf ear. They are attuned to the Earth and will have strange dreams, psychic moments and great awareness about their friends and school teachers etc.
Since no two children are alike, we can expect a lot of showmanship and dedication to their work and hobbies; however, there will be a lot of kids who are needy and in urgent need of care and understanding. If you are a mother or grandmother, than you will need to pull upon your own memories to help those children who are in your life. If you are of the opposite sex, then that paternal guidance will be needed in the form of protection.
No one or animal is unaffected by the Earth's changes, whether they be physical or of electro-magnetic energy. Large solar flares are affecting us as I write as well as the after effects of the eclipses of moon and sun. The distant planets are affecting us and will do for 1000+ years to come. The Aquarian Age is here, so, be ready to start the ball rolling in the right direction.
I have two blogs up on this issue: I stuck my neck out and gave my predictions. http://drmargaretrvc, & I would be grateful if you could pass this info along to your friends and associates. We should all be aware of immediate danger and have insights into how we can protect ourselves in times of need.

Talented Children

 Have you noticed all the talent that is coming out in children under five years old and how by the time they are ten, they seem confident and very sure of what they want to do. Well, this is the new generation of evolved spirits entering into life here on Earth. So, we can expect a big change once Dec 21st 2013 has come and gone. They are the new human race who will lead this world into dynamic changes. No amount of talent will be lost; everyone will contribute. Let's hope we live to see some of the work they do!
The Liquid Crystal Children have an amazing new enzyme that allows them to carry genetic history into their consciousness. They see, hear and feel the past and can immediately integrate that information with their current status. in other words, they know they know the answers and can get on with anything that interests them.  They love the arts, sports, music and can entertain you in amazement.
The Crystal Children can irritate you with their impatience, but they have a wonderful way of exciting you to overcome procrastination. Once you get up and out and about with this type of child, you will begin to understand that they want change. The old ways do not work for them! They want to be busy fixing something or getting involved in something that keeps them busy.  They love physical disciplines like Judo.
The Indigo Children are amazingly sensitive and very psychic. They will give you information before you know you need it. Their whole focus is on their own spiritual ascension and how they can help someone else by their example. Each Indigo child is easily upset and often will try to become an ombudsman in times of trouble. Watch out that your 'fixer child' does not take over.
The Star Children are our future. They plan, plot and note progress. If they are unhappy, they become easily depressed and withdrawn. But given a solid foundation and major emotional support during the teen years, they will become amazing public speakers, make wonderful journeys that ensure their spiritual growth. They know you well and you cannot pull the wool over their eyes. So do not lie to them.
Meanwhile the Hero Children are busy looking at what needs to be fixed. Often they are outspoken and very much to the point about issues in family situations. If they feel out of control, they will immediately do something physical that will ensure that they are the center of attention. Then they will insist that everyone re-think and re-program life's issues to make the world a better place to live in. Their skill as leaders develops early in life.
Love Your child: Enjoy my book: Discover Your Baby's Spirit

Did You Know You Were Once A Zygote?

Before you were born, your mother's fertilized egg split into three parts: one formed the placenta for you to be nourished, one grew into your brain and neural system and one became your body. You brain has over 100 billion neurons in it that all are carefully encoded to help you use your muscles, sort our your body's systems and, of course, to help you with usiong all your five senses.
So how great is that! Plus it all works because your Spirit self is the conductor making sure that everything stays in tune. So you dance to your own music! Tiny electrical impulses stimulate you into action. So, do not use drugs, alcohol etc. Be natural and enjoy life. Make sure your chemical composite is correct with all the right minerals and vitamins, hormones etc. etc. which keep you in balance.

We Knew YOu Know Before You Were Born!

From the day your child leaves the womb, he/she is awakened to learn instantly. As we wriggle, blink and feed, wee  and poo we sense our experiences as normal. In time we learn more and then get into judgment. Time to erase those early ideas and make some new ones of your own..
The things you were told as a child are out of date! Time to lake a long look at the way you think, what you believe and why you hang on to old ideas that only make you crazy. Yes, it is a time of change and yes, we are in the shift, but it would not happen if we do not adapt and change.
Excuses, mistakes and much more are no longer relative! Be a child and just try. Each time you do your brain will learn something new and you will feel excited and possibly over-whelmed but with practice and patience you will succeed just like you did before, only this time you will have the adult part of your brain working for you to make new ideas and new feelings that will make you entirely confident and a better parent, even if you are 90 years old and your child is 70!
The kids today are modern and technically minded. If you are making excuses to not learn these ways and use the equipment, you will be left behind as they reach out to those who do. So, do yourself a favor and get with it!

Love A Child Today

You may be busy and impatient with a child, but in that moment they may not understand your issues and feel abandoned. Put down whatever you are doing and give them a minute of your time.
A child need to have eye contact which should be soft and tender as you explain that something is not right! Don't yell and scream at them unless you want to become the monster. Instead show them by actions what you want done. Take their things and help them put them away and then hug and love them. Do not promise a reward, especially if you forget to follow through. They will hate you for breaking your promise.
In times when a child is bored, give them a responsibility, such as put the pots in the cupboard, or write a letter of thank you. Their scribbles will be unintelligent, but it has meaning for them. Involve your child in your activities, and above all else be patient as they follow along. This will give your child confidence to try and do anything.
Hugs are always important. I child needs tactile activities as well as human contact. So enjoy yourself being a child on and off throughout the day.