Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Deleting Childhood Negative Emotions

We all have had dreams of being important; famous and accepted when we are very young. But, we grew up and life was faced with disappointments time after time. We have mostly learn to focus on the negative and to assume that things will go wrong. Our conscious mind continually tells us to believe what we think.

I know that despite this, we can all turn our thoughts around. We can just as easily tell ourselves that things will go right! The problem is that we do not believe ourselves. Our self-talk continually runs a background dialogue to the contrary. So, no conscious repetition of positive sentences like "I am successful," actually works. It has to be an emotional feeling that causes you to believe.

We continually say that "We are what we believe." We even argue and defend those beliefs, most of which have been learned from our elders. But, in truth we are only what we feel. So, next time you hear yourself saying "This won't work," realize that you have just stated something that you have repeated over and over again, controlled by the original emotional feeling that stated this idea. From there you created a long tag of memories and associations from that original original feeling.

So, what is it all about? Truth lies in letting self remember the feelings, dealing with them and then focusing on the issue in an entirely different way.

I meditated, self-hypnotised and eventually got to the bottom of my list to find out that my childhood emotion was incorrect. For example: I got really upset every time someone told me I could not do something I wanted to do. So, I believed that there was no help or guidance. I discovered that my child self had been upset and angry because I could not buy sweets when I wanted them. Can you image how free I felt when I found out how crazy my life had been because of that one moment when I was 5 years old.

Spend time and find your original emotions and do yourself a favor and delete them.