Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Time on my mind

What time is it? Well, perhaps my inner time clock says it is time to go to bed, while my watch says it is time to get up. Where am I? How did I get from here to here and loose time or gain time? My brain searches for the right answer, but my body pays no attention.

Yes, I arrived home in time, but now I cannot be sure when and where I will need to sleep, nap, or simply muse over the day in day-dream slumber. So, confusing to think that yesterday is today, or tomorrow is now! Travelling half way around the world can do that to you! Perhaps there is no tomorrow, or maybe there is always yesterday in my mind.

So many people spend time remembering, seeing and re-looking at yesterday while their brain revisits those forgotten photos that were taken in the blink of an eye. Memories colored by emotions, lost in untrained thoughts that rise like eagles soaring or vultures consuming. Day by day, night by night the past is re-enacted. How then can we speculate on the future?

Tomorrow is built upon now. Enjoy the moment and know that another day shines in just a few moments and now will soon be forgotten - lost in the sea of memories, awaiting your continual inspection!

Monday, February 15, 2010


When the mind is so busy, filled with fear, pain and anger it is hard to be still. I remember so long ago when I had no peace. No rest from all that wihch seemed to fill my life with misery. I constantly thought about what was wrong and how much more there could be to turn bad. Life was in full rejection and I knew it. How could I go on?

It is easy to think of ending a life, but what of the courage it takes to do such a thing! In the final moment, it is normal to suddenly realise that life is worth living after all. Then suddenly, the clock stops ticking, the world starts turning again in a new way. Yesterday's issues are now by-gones as new ideas and new hopes emerge.

Just like a grub that has struggled to live, eating and working, you have (are likely) to curl up into a ball and withdraw; meditate; contemplate and transform, and as you do so, something wonderful is happening. You have become a butterfly; delicate, free and ready to fly off into the unknown, knowing that you can do anything!

So, what is anything? Simply to experience the world and the people in it with new eyes. To appreciate that life is full of plenty to do and plenty to create. So, if you are depressed; get up of the sofa, go out and breathe the air and notice your neighborhood. Yes, you are a part of it and it is calling to you. Someone out there is waiting for you! Go find them!

Friday, February 12, 2010


When I was very little, I was told to sit still. Well, how long could a child be very still? A minute seemed like an hour. So, ten minute was like spending years being silent. Back in those day, I tried to listen to my mind, but all I could do was to fidget and fuss some more.

Well, as the years went by, I learned that I could sit my mind down and give it a talking too! Be quiet! Don't worry! Stop thinking! etc., but the more I told myself to be still, the more I talked away to myself. So, what was I to do?

Well, finally I realised that if I wanted peace and quiet, I had to learn to stop the dialogue. But, first, I had to learn to sit still. I noticed that the more I quietened my mind, the more I fidgeted. I was in a mental and physical loop. So, again, what to do?

Well, this is what I did and you can do it too!

Sit in a chair in front of a picture. Sit upright with your hands on you lap. everytime you move or think about something other then the picture, say out loud, "I drifted." Next notice the shapes in the picture and begin to trace around those shapes with your mind. Again, when you fidget or think about something repeat those word aloud.

You will find that you say "I drifted" very frequently at first. If you only last 5 minutes, that is better than no time. Practice this anwhere you go. Do it on the train, in the bus or on the toilet. There is always something you can watch or trace in your mind. Keep looking at the picture and trace it over and over and say over and over again outloud those two words. In time, your brain will get the message and stop fidgiting and thinking. Then you will have a conscious still mind.

The next step is to develop the same thing with your eyes closed. Simply picture a shape that has angles in your mind and keep drawing it. everytime your mind thinks of something else. Repeat "I drifted" out loud. You will learn quickly that there is no difference between your eyes open or closed. Then the reall quiet wills start.

For further guidance and mediatations: my book "50 Spiritually Powerful Meditations" is available on www.amazon.com

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nothing is the same!

I heard my grandparents repeatedly saying that nothing was the same then and now as I stand here in my world, and find myself saying those words again. Where has my childhood gone? What happened to those quiet and lovely summer days?

I was walking in the park enjoying the local Japanese garden with the sun shinning through the trees yesterday. It was so peaceful for 1 minute. Then along came a man chatting away on his cell. Then I began to look around. Everyone was on a cell phone; speaking, checking mail, or simply playing a game. Their eyes were focused on this little machine. Not once did any of them look up. If there was a moment of awareness beyong that tiny box, it was to look at their watch. Safe to say, it was too annoying to have to leave the page they were focused on. The fact that the cell phone is also a time piece forgotten.

What would my grandmother say if she had to use a cell phone. Probably, just like me, make some explanation, such as I don't have the time to worry about learning this now. Maybe later!

So, what has this world come to? Small electronic machines that bombard our Auras day and night. No time for sweetness and wonder. No appreciation for the birds that sing; the cats that mew and the dogs that bark in the distance. No time to listen to nature because their I-pod is playing. How can we be so introverted; so alone in a world of technology?

Now, here I am repeating those words. "Nothing is the same!" Truth be told though, yes there is a lot that is the same if we just take time to look up, out and about. When did you last take a really good look at the world? When did you last remember and enjoy what was, and still it?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Cruel Mind

Who was it that said some people are cruel and some are kind? Well, it was so long ago that I cannot remember, but I do know that it did sink into my brain and sit there, year in and year out. An idea that weighed heavily on my mind.

When I speak, am I cruel, yelling and seeming unreal or am I heard as calm and serene? Do I say too much and hurt someone's feelings? Is speaking my mind and trying to help seen as interference;, or am I being cruel? Those kind of questions and many more made me think about how I sounded when I communicated with the world. And of course, I tried my very best to sound nice, honest and open.

In fact, I was so busy being kind, thoughtful and caring, that I forgot about myself. How often was I cruel to myself? All those times, I told my mind to be quiet; don't listen to me! Always telling myself to ignore what I needed! Made sure to hide those feelings and pretend nothing mattered but others!

Now in my older years, I realize just how cruel I was to myself. I denied myself so much and yet, I became so much more for having gone without. But what was it I went without for? Self-love!

Some may call self-love selfish; leaving them out in the cold. Some may say I am self-centered. So, what if I am, then at least I have found a balance between what I feel and what I think. So now my mind has learned to listen to my heart. Yes, I am kind to myself now! Are you?

Sunday, February 7, 2010


When I was little, my grandparents told me to share my knowledge with anyone who would listen. The problem was that no one wanted to listen to a child. Whenever I had 'pearls of wisdom' to help the adults, I was told to be quite and not to interrupt. Well, those adults talked and talked around issues, their problems and got themselves all worked up while I sat there patiently waiting for my chance to share my views. Of course, in those days, the opportunity never came, I got bored and ran off to play.

As the years went by, I noticed that even as an adult, no one was listening to me. Everyone was busy asking questions and before I could give an answer, there was a new topic on the table, or someone else was chipping in with their point of view. So, still I did not get my chance to share.

Yet, despite all this constant isolation, rejection and disappointment that no one wanted to listen to me, something inside me kept pushing me to teach. Slowly, as I adjusted my mind to this possibility, the doors opened. The Spiritualist Churches wanted to listen to me; then came the expos and from their to travel around USA, UK & Japan. So many doors opened and I was finally able to share all that wisdom I had been holding onto for so long. I even wrote books and published them and did lots of TV shows including my own.

Today, was a fulfilling day! My students were eager to learn and ready to absorb my every word. What satisfaction! To know that there are many people in the world who are listening now is fantastic. Are you ready to empty your mind and listen to someone instead of arguing with yourself or anybody else.?

If so, I would love to get questions from anyone who would like to pick my brains! I do still have plenty to share.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Finding My Way

Since I was a small child I was told I have a tongue in my head and to use it. So, should I be lost I should simply ask some kind person and follow directions and soon find my way and would then feel safe. If all else failed, I could find a telephone box and call home or call the police.

Well, it worked quite well until the age of technology entered my life. First, I had to learn to use a computer, and that was no easy task. Simply put, I could not find way through the many rules and regulations that came with this large box that sat on my desk. Typing was the easy part. The rest was a complete mystery and I was always hopefully lost; called for help from someone on the telephone who with great patience, talked me through the steps. So, someone, smarter than me saved me! So thank God for the good old telephone

Then came the cell phones. "Oh, I have to learn to text!" What was that? Well, to be honest the journey was so round about, it was quicker to pick up the phone, say what I had to say and hang up. But, who wanted to waste time talking... It seems no one did or does now.

Anyway, not to be outdone, I decide to try my hand. Find my way alone. Hm!!! Not so easy! There was no one to ask and no way to get someone to speak to... least ways, to anyone who could help me. Just some annoying machine, asking stupid questions that had nothing to do with my question. Frustration - you bet!

Then someone said, "Write a blog and get in touch with the world." So, here I am, writing this blog. WOW! Success? Not really, I still don't know what I am doing or how to connect it to anyone. And there is no one to talk to. Just reams of stuff to read that I don't understand. Am I stupid or just backward?

But not to be deterred, I tried Twitter tonight. Well, I learned one thing today, it reads all my mail too as well as my Gmail list. Brrr! Not good. Now everyone could know my private business and I never even opened my mouth... So, what to do. Be quite and watch the world go by?

Perhaps this age of technology is too much for us older folks, but what about those super kids who just take to this modern world. They are bombarded with info. Surely their minds can never be still!!

Through the years I have spent hours trying to empty my mind and relax. Now, suddenly I have to fill it with complicated, inexplicable info - well, what a dilemma; back to a simple life, pick up the telephone and call someone I know. Help! But who is listening?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Singing is great!

Well, the one thing I like to do and was blessed with, was a good voice. I can speak easily and love to sing. Many people believe they cannot carry a tune and immediately hum under their breath. But, in their minds they sound like some super stars. Me too! but, if I try to sing rock and roll songs, I sound like a wailing cat. So, I think!

The mind is a tape recorder and everything you have heard is available for you to re-listen to. Voices you have heard, such as teachers, parents and friends are constantly running through your mind, so why not the wonderful voices of the many famous singers that you love. So why don't you sing?

Well, it is your conscious mind that says you cannot sing, or if you do, that someone is listening and will criticize you and put you down. So, where did you learn to be such a judge of character and understanding of other's points of view on how well you do in fact sing and are heard? Bottom line is no one is interested in you that much! It was your own idea and you have caused yourself to believe what you repeat to yourself over and over again. Self-hypnosis is the one comfort you are use to.

Yet, it is not a comfort if you critique yourself over and over again. Instead, you become miserable and lost. So the trick is to re-hypnotise yourself to sing and talk aloud. Speak to yourself in front of the mirror and see what others see. Record yourself singing and hear what others hear. If you do not like what you hear, then practice until you do.

We are all born with the same chances and the same talents. So, all we have to do is to stop competing with others and just enjoy discovering ourselves day by day. In my family, I was encouraged to sing, but that did not make me a good singer. What did, was taking classes, practicing and enjoying my choice of song that suited my voice.

You too can sing with practice. Find a good teacher and go for it. The only one you can offend with your voice is you. Anyone else will envy you that you have learned to carry a tune. Those who love to listen will encourage you to sing more.

Singing is a healing tool. the more you sing, the more you heal yourself by transforming you energy into a positive vibration that allows all your cells in your body to rejuvenate. Sing and feel younger, happier and life will become fulfilling. No one said you have to be famous. Just sing to please yourself.