Monday, May 17, 2010

My youtube videos

Hi, If you are interested, I have a lots of videos on youtube. Simply type my full name on search and you will see them all. Some are in Japanese and English: Dr Margaret Rogers Van Coops. link is: Stuff on Crystal Acupuncture, Teragram Therapy, TrinityStone and more. Even about my private sessions which are available.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

An Opinion

When I was very small, I was told to choose something and to explain why I had chosen it. In those early years, I learned to have an opinion. As I grew up, I discovered that I had the ability to build more and more opinions about absolutely everything. In time, I was the voice of authority about anything that anyone wanted to talk about! Of course, my opinion was only valid as far as my point of view was concerned. Yet, inspite of this, I had also been taught that everyone else was supposed to have the same or almost the same opinion.

Well, school taught me otherwise. No one seemed to see the world with the same ideas that I had. People argued about their ideas. I watched and learned. Debates, arguments, discussions; call it what you will, no one seemed to have an exact opinion. With this realization, I began to question why I had to have an opinion in the first place? Whose idea was it that taught me to make opinions.

Looking back, it was my grandma who really pointed out that I was allowed to choose for myself. Everytime she told me to do something, she always followed her instructions with a question. "Do you know what to do?" This forced me to think and to decide. Perhaps my childish ideas were wrong, but in my mind they were absolute then.

Now, in what is called the aged years of my life, I can see that the billions of opinions I have passed through, where I rationalized, excused and justified and explained my opinions was nothing more than an opportunity to understand the power of my mind and the ability to think for myself. So, who cares what I think. Only my innerself bothers and even then, perhaps in a few days, I may not remember that my opinion today was important to me.

Our conscious mind is a liar and a cheat. It muddles up all our opinions and blows them out of proportion. Issues rise and fall as does our fastidious behaviors. In the end all that matters is that we have the ability to think and learn. Only then can we understand that it is our Spirit-Self that in neutral and loving.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

All children are born psychic

Every child born since 1980 has psychic awareness, but few have been taught to use it. Now most of them are mothers and fathers who are dealing with their own children who are highly psychic and very over reactive to stimuli.

Studying Psychic development is important not only for the parent, but also for the future of their child. If a child is not shown how to use these skills, they will ultimately turn them against self and become introverted and angry. which in later life, can cause them to have many problems.

By using Psychometry, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience, you can become aware of how your mind works and how your emotions attach you to your spiritual awareness that always knows best. These abilities are described on my blog:

My books on psychic development are: The Way To Oneness and Expanding Images available form me
My new book: Discover Your Baby's Spirit is available from as an e-book or from amazon in book form. Your baby maybe a Hero, Star, Indigo, Crystal or Liquid Crystal Child and their psychic impression are all different from each other.

Monday, May 3, 2010


While teaching my hypnosis course, I realised that time had passed and I had not entered my comments on this blog. At that point, I knew I needed to write about how often our minds drift into daydreams or loose focus as our brain switches on and off throughout the day.

Yes, those moments are hypnotic moments during which time you can give yourself and new idea, which in turn can give you a new belief that you can do something better with your life.

So, next time you feel spaced out, take a deep breath and tell yourself something positive such as "I can do anything!" or, "I am an inventor and very creative."

Whatever you have been telling yourself in moment of crisis may well have been hypnotic suggestions to be negative. If you repeat the same sentence more than 21 times you will convince yourself that the original hypnotic suggestion is correct. Sentences such as "I am sick and tired of you." will eventually become "I want a divorce." So, if you want to heal yourself or your relationships, you need to rethink the way you phrase things and to repeat positive sentences to yourself aloud. Say it with emotional feeling and in the midst of an important moment where you mind is open and receptive to change.

The longer you live, the more excuses you make. So, clean the slate now - wipe away negative suggestions. Replace them with visions and enthusiasm.