Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Change your Heart & Heal Your Mind - sound adaptions

Actually, the truth is change your mind and heal your heart over 2012.

Have you every realized that sound is continually bombarding your senses. Whether it is a near silent air filter, a bark in the street, or a machine working in your office. Even if you think you do not hear it you do and while all that sound is going on around you your brain, it is busy processing what you heard and then separating things into memorable, unimportant and, therefore, forgettable, while still others gain a signal that immediate attention required. And, all this is done in the blink of an eye.

2012 is the year of development of Psychic Senses, an awakening to Spiritual matters and aspects of transformation into a vibration of Ascension. Changes will occur inside you, around you and yes, even over you with Spirit Guides Ascending and giving you space to get acquainted with new ones.

Don't feel they have deserted you. It is just time to get acquainted with Higher vibration beings such as angels and Ascended Master, that is if you are ready! Otherwise, those who are not aware will find themselves shorting our unnecessary relationships, moving on to make new ones too. Whatever happens, you will be forced by self or others to find a new way to think about yourself, your past and those 100s of people who came and went from your life.

Cast you mind back to kindergarten, normal school activities, your first job and so on. All those people you knew back then have gone, but not what you felt about them or learned from them. Especially all the things they said to you that you believed.

Now think about all the places you have been, and what you did there and with whom? What you heard. Example: a Ships horn, birds singing, someone shouting in your ear....

Now think of all the religious beliefs you have had and how they have changed over the years!
Remember all the singing and chanting and prayers etc. Sing the natural anthem and see how you react to your voice.

My advice: become creative this year and do all the things you wanted to do and never did.
Talk aloud to yourself and hear how you impress your mind. Maybe you need to find new words to use to create a different tone. High pitched voices suggest insecurity, while low voice seem to carry and invade people's space. How do you want people to hear you.

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Write to me: drmargaretrvc@gmail.com if you have a question. Apologies for not keeping up my blogs. Been travelling and teaching and no time to blog. But that will change!